Started his studies at Mara Fusco Accademy in Naples, were he gratuated.

In 1983 he was engaged by AterBalletto company directed by Amedeo Amodio. In the company he as possibility to perform different styles working with a lot of coreographes an then he became a soloist dancer in the company dancing a big repertoire. He worked with such coreographers as Peter Shauffus, Glen Tetlei, Antony Tudor, Hans Van Manen, Alvin Ailey, George Balanchine,Jennifer Muller,Lucinda Childs,William Forsythe( with the partner Elisabetta Terabust) and danced in all production of Amedeo Amodio.

In 1988 he to join the new Vychy Ballet company direct by Jorge Donn and Kevin Haigen in the role of principal dancer in the company. In 1990 Paolo Bortoluzzi invites him as a principal dancer in his company ballet Theatre de Bordeaux were he danced in all his ballet a lot of created for him Worked for the coreografers: Itsvan Herzog, Erich Walter, Robert North, Eugene Poliakov,
Nureyev, Charles Jude,Luciano Cannito, Ben Stevenson, Joseph Lazzini,Nils Christe and again Balanchine. He takes part in a lot of tours in:France, United Kingdom, Ireland, ,Israel, Giordan, Tunisia, Algeria, Iugoslavia, Sovietic Union, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, United
States of America,Japan, Polinesy.

In 1994 the general director of the theater de Bordeaux Alain Lombard nominates him resident coreographer for the ballet company . He created for the ballet:
Jet Lag Jazz, Midsummer Night’s Dream, and for the opera:Traviata and Mireglie.

In 1999 he is nominates director and coreographer for the company Theater of Trieste. For the company he created a lot of ballet, opera and small opera:Rapsody in Blue,Pas de Trois,Tango y Ritmo,Histoire du soldat,Nozze Istriane,Traviata, Nozze di Figaro, AttilaAndrea Chenier,Boris Goudnov, Scugnizza.

He worked like coreographer for the company: Balletto Argentino, Ballet of Montpellier,
Royal Ballet, Teatro Massimo of Palermo, Balletto di Roma, theater de Bordeaux
He worked like maitre de ballet for Teatro San Carlo of Naples, teatro Arena of Verona, Teatro Massimo of Palermo, Teatro Opera of Roma, Aterballetto , A.I.D and IALS of Roma, Ballet national of Marseglie,Tlsa Ballet(oklahoma),Swedish Royal Ballet


  • Maitre de ballet

    Teatro San Carlo of Napoli 10-01 to 26-02 2009
  • Maitre de ballet

    Swedish Royal Ballet Stoccolma 16-03 to 04-04 2009
  • maitre de ballet

    Teatro Massimo of Palermo from 7-4- to 21-5 2009
  • Maitre de Ballet

    Opera of Roma from 3-6 to 8-7-2009
  • Stage Montpellier

    22/8 to 28/8 2009

  • Maitre de ballet

    Teatro Massimo of Palermo from 21-10 to 23-12-2009
  • Maitre de ballet

    Teatro Opera of Rome from 12/1 to 23/2 2010
  • Maitre de ballet

    Teatro Massimo of Palermo from 4/5/2010 to 23/7/2010
  • Maitre de Ballet

    Teatro Massimo of Palermo from 9/11/2010 to 23/12/2010
  • Maitre de ballett

    Teatro Massimo of Palermo from 12/4 to 29/5 20011